Visits to our factory are always enjoyable and many visitors write to us with their memories and impressions. This page is dedicated to those who have taken the time and trouble to put their thoughts into words:

From Glendale Middle School in Northumberland:

"I loved my visit to your factory. I especially liked watching the pear drop mixture goingDrawing through the moulds. I have now located your sweets at Safeways in Alnwick and will be buying lots of sweets (especially pear drops). I am a keen cartoonist and have been drawing my own sweet factorys ever since I left your fantastic factory. I think the prices of your sweets are amazing and how you get such amazingly tantalizingly tasty sweets beats me. In your Yorkshire mixtures, my favourite flavours are raspberry, banana, lemon and lime. I promise after your story, I will never never touch a Bassetts Liquorice Allsort again." Andrew Wilton, Wooler, Northumberland

"Thankyou for showing us round Dobsonīs Sweet Factory. I thought the bestJar bit was seeing the sweets being made and shaped into Pear Drops. I liked tasting them when they were nice and warm. I found it strange when you put the hot liquid onto the tray and turned the liquid over and straight away it was hard. I liked the old fashioned machines and the sweets being weighed out into bags. I liked the sweet shop. I bought some Yorkshire Mixtures and some Pear Drops."

Roy Dods, Wooler, Northumberland

"I really enjoyed myself" Jennifer Tait, Wooler, Northumberland

"Keep making your lovely sweets" Victoria Grey, Wooler, Northumberland

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