We are pleased to offer 7 of our Old Fashioned boiled sweet products by Mail Order in boxes of containing 8 packets at 227g each:

  • YORKSHIRE MIXTURES An assortment of 18 flavours, with fruit, peppermint, and several other special flavours.
  • VOlCE TABLETS A very pleasant blend of natural herbal type flavours, not too strong, but quite definitely unique to Dobsons. The recipe has been "handed down" through the generations.
  • PEAR DROPS The perennial favourite. A good sized piece (not the tiny ones), pink on top and white underneath.
  • MINT IMPERIALS Flavoured with natural oil of peppermint, this sweet has a crispy outer shell and a softer, melt in the mouth, centre.
  • BUTTER MINTOES A crispish mintoe made with real butter and flavoured with our natural oil of peppermint.
  • MENTHOL MIXTURES An assortment of four strong Menthol and Eucalyptus sweets; Original, Honey and Lemon, Cherry, and Blackcurrant. Definitely not for the faint hearted, and especially good during the hay fever season.
  • BONFIRE TOFFEE A crispy toffee made with a generous addition of black treacle and real butter. Just like Granny used to make. We sell lots around Bonfire time, but available by Mail Order at any time.
  • SPECIAL ASSORTED BOX This box contains two packets each of Yorkshire Mixtures, Voice Tablets, Pear Drops and Mint Imperials.

The cost of any one box of 8 packets is £9.60 inclusive of Post, Packing and VAT. This "delivered to your door" price compares favourably with typical prices for many of our competitors products in retail shops. This offer applies to mainland UK orders only. Please contact us for overseas deliveries.

There are two ways to order our products, by post and on line. If you feel uncomfortable about using your credit card online, please select the `by post´ link or, if you would like a faster service, please select the `on line´ link.