As a family business, Joseph Dobson & Sons maintain a high level of personal commitment to our customers. New ideas and innovations have been introduced in the interests of hygiene, safety and production without sacrificing the old fashioned taste and quality which have made the firm's confectionery so popular with previous generations. But, whilst being conscious and respectful of the traditions that have made the company successful, Joseph Dobson & Sons are not living in the past. The event which had the biggest impact on the company was the introduction of the humble polythene bag.

This unassuming item has allowed Joseph Dobson & Sons to distribute the products more widely in a cost effective, safe and hygienic way. By supplying ready-weighed, pre packed and date stamped, our products are available to those customers in a hurry. No need to wait to be served! Morrison's supermarket and most local stores find our displays attractive and our products excellent selling items. If you think you might like to stock our products, follow the link below to obtain some free samples.

boil pour1

Above: imagine handling this by hand as used to be done. Fortunately, there are safer methods available these days (above right)

Right: Its in the flavour! Flavours new and old, the essential essences which are added to the glucose syrup, are the key. All Dobson's sweets have a distinctive flavour. The essences are blended according to our recipes, mostly, trade secrets, sorry!


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the way we do it now, to the way we used to do it.