The main reason for the longevity of the company has been the unique taste of our products. Time after time we receive testimonials from our customers about the superior taste of our sweets to those of our competitors. A quality product at a reasonable price has been the guiding factor in our strategy.


But sweets are a fun foodstuff! So we also invest in product appearance and packaging. The majority of our products are shaped, the Pear Drop being a prime example. Shaping, which used to be done by hand, is now rather more automated, but essentially it is the same process. The mix, whilst still pliable is cut by special tools, each with its own design. A great way to see a selection of these shapes is to buy a bag of the famous Yorkshire Mixtures!

shape2 shape1

Of course, when dealing with foodstuffs, hygiene to is all important and Joseph Dobson & Sons undertake stringent precautions to ensure the final shipped products are free of all contaminants. These measures range from the standard clothing and cleanliness regulations to passing all pre packed goods through metal detection units. At each and every stage whatever can be done to ensure a quality product, is done. We take pride in our high standards.