Joseph Dobson & Sons are rightly proud of their heritage. Traditional sweets endure the test of time and many of our lines date back to our origins, retaining popularity amongst young and old alike.

See for yourself how our sweets are made by joining one of the factory tours!


Despite modern production techniques, all our products are made in the same way they always have been. Joseph Dobson & Sons host regular tours of the factory where our guests can see demonstrations of the traditional skills of the confectioner and see how the same techniques have been modernised in the interests of safety and hygiene.

Left: You can order a brochure via email. Click on the image to email us your name and address.

If you are a club secretary or organiser and are interested in visiting our factory, you can send for a brochure to show your members before booking.

Right: Spinning the product whilst still hot gives it a satin like finish. Now automated, this used to be done by hand!


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