trad2During your factory visit you will have the opportunity to see some of the modern production facilities and demonstrations of the old fashioned techniques of sweet making by hand and of course, the opportunity to purchase our products! Visitors will be able to
see an excellent video which will "give access" to those parts of the modern process where it is impractical to admit the public, for reasons of either safety or hygiene.

The factory itself is situated around a period courtyard with many interesting features. For example, grooves which were cut into the stone flags to give the horses used to draw the carriages a better grip, can still be seen. All the buildings are original and give a fascinating insight to the working methods and practices in Victorian times.


right: our exhibition centre contains many interesting artifacts which not only show how production has changed, but also packaging and merchandising techniques.

above and left: essentially, the sweet making process has changed little. Trays have given way to conveyors, but the ingredients, the taste and the way in which the sweets are made, has changed little.


The Joseph Dobson & Sons factory is not all production. We also host two exhibition centres; one for the heritage of Joseph Dobson's and the other for the greater Elland Historical Society. Both contain many interesting artifacts, from old newspaper clippings to the hand operated Victorian tooling used by our founders. Unlike many museums, this is still a working environment and visitors, whether historian or nostalgic in nature, will find a trip to our factory of great interest.

The full itinery consists of:

  • A brief introduction to Dobsons and its history, given by a member of staff.
  • A special demonstration during which a real batch of product will be made before your very eyes, using methods similar to those in use some forty or fifty years ago
  • An opportunity to taste and purchase the sweets from the same batch which you have seen made.
  • A brief tour of the packing department which uses computer controlled machinery, largely developed "in house".
  • A visit to our period office, with mahogany furniture, many books, family heirlooms and office artifacts from a bygone age.
  • An excellent short video, shown on a sizeable screen, which gives a full insight into our company and demonstrates how the heart of the traditional methods as seen has been incorporated into the more modern process of today.
  • Light refreshments, which will be served in our visitors lounge whilst you watch the video presentation.
  • A small sample of our Yorkshire Mixtures.
  • An opportunity to purchase any of our products at factory prices.
  • A chance to see The Greater Elland Historical Society display room


  • The 12th century church of St Mary; recently renovated with the help of Lottery and other funding. Tel: 01422 256088
  • Walkleys Clog Manufacturing. Tel: 01422 372371, in the same building as Brooks Mill Factory Outlet. Tel: 01422 377337
  • Oliver's Fish Restaurant for an excellent meal. Parties must book in advance. Tel: 01422 377483
  • The Canal Side Wharfe picnic area, Elland town centre in general, not forgetting Dobson's own retail shop in Southgate.

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